The rules and guidance below are taken from NFAS rules approved at NFAS AGM on 24th January 2009.

Because of the potential dangers posed by woodland, restricted sight lines, uneven terrain etc., there are rules specifically appropriate to field archery.

a. It is the responsibility of each archer to ensure that others in the group are shooting safely and in accordance with the rules.
b. Archers should always ensure that the target and visible overshoot are clear of other archers before shooting. If there are concerns about the safety of a shot, do not shoot.
c. Whilst someone else is shooting, be alert for possible danger. Where possible danger exists shout 'stop shooting' or 'fast' - on hearing these commands all members of the group must immediately stop shooting.
d. Never point or loose an arrow in any direction other than at the intended target.
e. Never knowingly shoot a damaged arrow.
f. Never move between targets with an arrow nocked on the string.
g. Bows must not be drawn in a manner where the accidental release could be dangerous e.g. a high draw.
h. No one in the group is permitted to stand forward of the archer on the shooting peg (including no forward spotting).
i. D o not alter the setting of the shot. If it is felt there is a safety issue alert the shoot organiser or marshall.
j. Give the archer on the peg sufficient room to avoid creating a safety issue or distracting the archer.
k. When scoring, drawing or looking for lost arrows, at least one adult member of a group must remain visible to the following group of archers.
l. Walk away from the target as a group and never go back to the target.
m. Always keep to the marked path when moving between targets. The marked path should also be followed when a round has been completed because other groups may still be shooting.
n. Archers must report dangerously laid targets, dangerous behaviour and Near Hit incidents immediately, to course officials or marshals.
o. Archers must immediately report accidents to course officials or marshals.

Course Etiquette Guidance

a. Keep well back from the group in front.
b. Be quiet.
c. Turn off mobile phones.
d. Respect other archers and allow them to execute their shots without disruption.
e. Be tolerant of other archers shooting different bow styles.
f. Help others to pull or find their arrows.
g. If archers see queues forming at the target ahead, ensure that there is space at the next target to wait, before moving on.

Apr 2014

These rules are available as a PDF here.