Hi Everyone

We have set up the field course at Moor Park which is available of course for anyone to use. I was asked by the bursar to let the School know when we were using the course (Health and Safety) and it seems sensible to have a set programme so that archers can be prepared, as wellies and old arrows will be needed.

I am prepared to shoot alternate Sundays and show round anyone who wishes. Once you are familiar with the layout and safety protocols, then of course you will not need me to chaperone! It is better in the woods early in the afternoon so I propose to start at 1.00pm and finish by 2.30 / 3.00pm, that way I can be sociable and meet the others indoors as well.


Jan 23
Feb 6
Feb 20
Mar 6
Mar 20
Apr 3

Here’s hoping some of you will give it a try.