1. No arrow should be touched or pulled from the target until all scores have been recorded and no alterations shall be made on the score sheet to the value of any arrows without the supervision of a judge. Scores must be recorded in ink.
2. When calling scores the archer does so in groups of 3, starting with the highest scoring arrow. For example, 9-7-5 pause 3-2-1.
3. Archers should wait until scores have been taken down before retrieving arrows that have missed the target.
4. Archers should not talk on the shooting line or talk in a loud voice whilst others are shooting. In competition, archers should not talk to others who may prefer to remain silent.
5. Archers should not make any exclamation on the shooting line that may distract a neighbour in the act of shooting. It is polite not to walk off the line whilst a neighbour is at full draw.
6. Archery equipment can be expensive and easily damaged. Care should be taken with equipment. Do not handle other archers' equipment without permission.
7. If an archer breaks another's arrow through carelessness, it should be paid for.
8. The safety rules must be followed at all times and without exception. It is vital that all members conduct themselves responsibly whilst shooting.