1. Where we shoot - indoors and out

Outdoors: Brimfield & Little Hereford Sports Club (April - October)
Sunday - 2pm to 5pm
Thursday - 5pm to 7pm

Indoors: Moor Park School, Ludlow (November - March)
Sunday - 2pm to 5pm

2. Dress Code

The Club have adopted the colour Navy with the 'Archers of Teme' logo on various garments such as jumpers, trousers, polo shirts etc.

3. Beginners Course

6 session courses are usually run in May and September which teach the basics of Target Archery and offer an introduction into Field and Clout Archery.

Further details can be found here or by clicking the Beginners Course tab on the main menu.

If you would like to find out more or book a place please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The club's Beginners Booklet is available as a PDF here.

 4. Membership

The membership fees for a ful year (1st October to 30th Septemeber 2023) are below and include Archery GB membership.
We have pro-rata pricing so a new member does not have to pay for the full year if joining in the summer for example.
Club member senior (25 and over): £95
Club member senior (18 to 24 inclusive): £61
Junior member (under 18s, all categories): £38.50
Archers with disabilities: £54.50  

5. Coaching

Several members of the Club have undertaken coaching courses and are more than happy to support members in need of help.

6. Child Protection Policy

The Club adheres to the principles laid down by the 'GNAS' in relation to the protection of children, young people and vulnerable adults. A summary of 'Archers of Teme's' Child Protection Policy can be found here.

7. Safety Guidelines

Please see here

8. Etiquette

Please see Etiquette

9. Classifications

There are six progressive classifications to encourage improvement:

3rd Class
2nd Class
1st Class
Master Bowman
Grand Master Bowman

Details can be found under Classifications.

 10. Scoring

The Target has five concentric rings and each colour has an inner and outer ring. There are two types of scoring.

Imperial - Gold 9, Red 7, Blue 5, Black 3, White 1

Metric - Gold 10/9, Red 8/7, Blue 6/5, Black 4/3, White 2/1

 11. Rounds

Imperial rounds (measured in yards) are mainly shot in the United Kingdom. Metric rounds, also known as FITA rounds, measured in metres, are used for most other tournaments. These are the main rounds that are able to be shot in target archery:

The following tables detail the different rounds available.

How to use them: Go down the first column of the relevant table, until you get to the round you require. Go across this row, to find out how many arrows you shoot at each distance (yds=yards, m=metres, doz.=dozen). – means no arrows are shot at this distance.