10. Scoring

The Target has five concentric rings and each colour has an inner and outer ring. There are two types of scoring.

Imperial - Gold 9, Red 7, Blue 5, Black 3, White 1

Metric - Gold 10/9, Red 8/7, Blue 6/5, Black 4/3, White 2/1


11. Rounds

Imperial rounds (measured in yards) are mainly shot in the United Kingdom. Metric rounds, also known as FITA rounds, measured in metres, are used for most other tournaments. These are the main rounds that are able to be shot in target archery:

The following tables detail the different rounds available.

How to use them: Go down the first column of the relevant table, until you get to the round you require. Go across this row, to find out how many arrows you shoot at each distance (yds=yards, m=metres, doz.=dozen). – means no arrows are shot at this distance.