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The Archers of Teme club is based between Ludlow, Leominster and Tenbury Wells on the borders of South Shropshire, North Herefordshire and Worcestershire. It is one of the oldest clubs in the county, originally formed in 1856** and is affiliated to Shropshire. The present club was reformed in 1984.

We are a medium-sized club with an active membership. Although most members shoot recurve bows we have a few compound archers and a growing number of longbows.

The club is based at the Brimfield & Little Hereford Sports Club to which we are affiliated. During the summer months we shoot on Sunday afternoons from 2.00pm to 5.00pm and also on evenings during the week. In the winter we shoot indoors at Moor Park School where we also have a small field archery course and the opportunity for clout shooting.

Some members of the club attend local and national competitions but many are happy just to shoot at club sessions for the fun of it!

New archers of all ages are invited to one of our beginners’ courses, usually held in the Spring and Autumn, while experienced archers are welcome to join us at any time.

Chairman - 'Archers of Teme'

For more information regarding 'Archers of Teme' please contact the Club Secretary: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

** see Club History


The rules and guidance below are taken from NFAS rules approved at NFAS AGM on 24th January 2009.

Because of the potential dangers posed by woodland, restricted sight lines, uneven terrain etc., there are rules specifically appropriate to field archery.

a. It is the responsibility of each archer to ensure that others in the group are shooting safely and in accordance with the rules.
b. Archers should always ensure that the target and visible overshoot are clear of other archers before shooting. If there are concerns about the safety of a shot, do not shoot.
c. Whilst someone else is shooting, be alert for possible danger. Where possible danger exists shout 'stop shooting' or 'fast' - on hearing these commands all members of the group must immediately stop shooting.
d. Never point or loose an arrow in any direction other than at the intended target.
e. Never knowingly shoot a damaged arrow.
f. Never move between targets with an arrow nocked on the string.
g. Bows must not be drawn in a manner where the accidental release could be dangerous e.g. a high draw.
h. No one in the group is permitted to stand forward of the archer on the shooting peg (including no forward spotting).
i. D o not alter the setting of the shot. If it is felt there is a safety issue alert the shoot organiser or marshall.
j. Give the archer on the peg sufficient room to avoid creating a safety issue or distracting the archer.
k. When scoring, drawing or looking for lost arrows, at least one adult member of a group must remain visible to the following group of archers.
l. Walk away from the target as a group and never go back to the target.
m. Always keep to the marked path when moving between targets. The marked path should also be followed when a round has been completed because other groups may still be shooting.
n. Archers must report dangerously laid targets, dangerous behaviour and Near Hit incidents immediately, to course officials or marshals.
o. Archers must immediately report accidents to course officials or marshals.

Course Etiquette Guidance

a. Keep well back from the group in front.
b. Be quiet.
c. Turn off mobile phones.
d. Respect other archers and allow them to execute their shots without disruption.
e. Be tolerant of other archers shooting different bow styles.
f. Help others to pull or find their arrows.
g. If archers see queues forming at the target ahead, ensure that there is space at the next target to wait, before moving on.

Apr 2014

These rules are available as a PDF here.



These rules interpret or supplement the GNAS rules and are intended to help Club archers to shoot safely without interfering with the shooting of other archers. Refer to the GNAS ‘Rules of Shooting’ (Club reference copy available at all times) for full safety and etiquette rules.

a. Any person not actually shooting must stay behind the Waiting Line (5 yards behind the Shooting Line).
b. Wait for the whistle before moving to the Shooting Line and nocking an arrow.
c. Only nock an arrow when standing correctly at the Shooting Line – Arrow pointing towards the target.
d. Never draw a Bow unless standing at the Shooting Line and the Bow is pointing towards the target.
e. Should anyone or anything appear in the shooting area the word 'FAST' must be shouted or a blast on the whistle will be given, in either case, immediately cease shooting, lower the Bow to point at the ground and slowly relax draw tension. Remove arrow and place in quiver. Await the order to recommence, a further whistle or the word “loose” is given.
f. Any archer in doubt about an obstruction in the shooting area should shout 'FAST' and consult the Field Captain.
g. The archer, on completion of shooting, must move to the Waiting area behind the Waiting Line.
h. Do not move in front of the Shooting Line or walk towards the targets until everyone has finished shooting and the whistle is blown to indicate the shooting area is safe.
i. Walk, never run towards the targets. Watch out for arrows that may have fallen short of the target (break an arrow and the rules of etiquette apply).
j. Do not run, wander about or talk loudly anywhere near the Shooting Line or even behind the Waiting Line, other archers may be shooting.
k. If a Bow is drawn without an arrow nocked , always let the Bow down gently and under control.
l. Try to wear suitable clothing. (tight fitting garments if possible, without pockets).
m. Never touch another persons archery equipment without permission.
n. Never handle, nock/draw equipment without checking it is safe to do so.
o. There must be a minimum of two people present when shooting.
p. When shooting outdoors at Brimfield Sports Club, lost arrows must be reported.
q. The sport is only dangerous if safety rules are not followed, any archer must be self disciplined to avoid the possibility accidents. Work to the whistle or command from the Field Captain. Obey all orders they are given for a reason.
r. The sport is only dangerous if safety rules are not followed, any archer must be self-disciplined to avoid the possibility accidents. Work to the whistle or command from the Field Captain. Obey all orders they are given for a reason.
s. Pure carbon arrows will need to be able to be detected by a metal detector at the tip and knock end. Confirm use with the equipment officer before shooting.
t. An arrow puller should always be used to pull carbon arrows and carbon-aluminum arrows.

Updated Apr 2014


These rules are available as a PDF here.